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MicroWarehouse Show 2013 PART 1


So, were you there? If you weren't, why not? And if you were, thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed it. The MicroWarehouse Show at this year's Electrical Retail Show in City West Exhibition Centre has got to have been the best show we have had in the three years that I have been part of it. With most of our vendors representing, including our three newest vendors exhibiting for their first time (Creative, Yarvik & Viewsonic), there was something new at almost every stand.   ..

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First Impressions with Viewsonic's 23" Windows 8 Certified touch screen


Working for a distributor of some particularly cool brands has definitely got it's advantages, yesterday, I had the pleasure of coming into work to be greeted by a large Viewsonic box at my desk. On opening, I discovered a shiny new 23" Viewsonic TD2340, certified Windows 8, 10 point touch screen monitor which will be replacing my ageing 19" Philips screen. Viewsonic are not new to the Irish market but they have only been recently added to the MicroWarehouse's range of quality brands. I'm a dual monitor user, my other monitor is a 22" Viewsonic 2258WM with dual touch capabilities, a very nice monitor with great picture and up until now, my main stay for working on. Regards my old Philips, I primarily used it to keep Outlook open on.


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